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1st Snapshot_

Set for early Q2 2024, the Genesis Snapshot will record the loyalty scores of AIFX Profile NFT holders to determine eligibility for a special future airdrop.

Status: Snapshot completed!

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Season I Token Distribution: 100,000 $TPX


Season I 



Snapshot Time:

4/11/2024 7:00:00

Loyalty Score:


Loyalty Level:


The $TPX will be eligible for claiming after the token deployment and essential TGE process. 

Please stay tuned by following our Twitter: @TypoX_AI

Profile NFT

Unlock the TypoX AI ecosystem with AIFX Profile NFTs, marking your unique presence and contributions. These NFTs open up a world of interactions, rewards, and access, setting the stage for a new era of digital identity and engagement.

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TypoX AI Treasure Hunt

Secure your spot in a future airdrop snapshot by engaging with TypoX AI. Follow our treasure map to unlock rewards and advance towards innovation, value, and community.

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Snapshot Instructions

Prepare to be part of TypoX AI’s pioneering snapshot event! This crucial moment will define the early adopters and most active community members of TypoX AI by capturing their loyalty scores.

Login on TypoX AI

Claim TypoX AI Fans NFT

Get Elite Pass


Boost Loyalty Score

Launch Schedule

Season 1

Genesis Snapshot


Time: April-12 2024

The inaugural snapshot of TypoX AI’s Season 1, capturing the loyalty scores of AIFX Profile NFT holders. This pivotal moment marks the beginning of our journey towards rewarding our community’s commitment. Airdrop follows two months post-snapshot, setting the stage for continuous engagement and growth.

Season 2

Atlas 5


Time: May-6/7 2024

Embark on the next phase of our adventure with the Atlas Snapshot, an opportunity for TypoX AIFX holders to further their engagement and solidify their contributions. Scheduled a month after Genesis, it aims to capture the dynamic progress within our ecosystem. Airdrop slated for two months after, rewarding ongoing loyalty and participation.

Season 3

Launch Pad


Time: May-June

Step into Season 3 with the XTON Launchpad, a springboard for new heights of community interaction and innovation. This period aims to highlight the growth and expansion of our network, focusing on integrating new technologies and partnerships. As we transition into this exciting phase, participants can look forward to being rewarded for their continued support and active participation in the TypoX AI ecosystem.


Ambassador Program

Our Ambassador Program is designed to forge strong bonds with thought leaders across various industries and communities. As an ambassador, you’ll get early access to new features, the power to influence product development, and the opportunity to lead the conversation on the convergence of AI and blockchain technology.

Whether through engaging content, community events, or thought leadership, your voice will help shape the future of TypoX AI and bring the power of Web3 to the masses. Apply now to become a TypoX AI Ambassador and help us pioneer the new digital frontier.

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