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🔐 Security Mastery Challenge: Unlock Rewards with Typo's Address Risk Feature

Get your security questions answered and earn rewards by actively using Typo's /AddressRisk feature.

Welcome to the Security Challenge quest page! In this quest, you'll have the opportunity to learn more about blockchain security and simultaneously experience Typo's powerful GoPlus security feature.

📆 Duration:Nov 6 - Nov 20


200 TCC (Typo Chat Credit)

You'll receive 200 TCC for participating and engaging in the quest.


Achieve a special Security Expert badge to show off your blockchain security prowess.

How it works:

Step 1: Ask a Web3 & Blockchain Security Question

Your journey begins with a question. Ask a question related to Web3 & blockchain security in the Security Quest channel. It could be about wallet security, smart contracts, or any other aspect of blockchain technology.

Step 2: Excutive "/AddressRisk" Feature

Upon posing a question related to Web3 and Blockchain, Click “Detect Risks” or type “/AddressRisk” command to detect your wallet security.

Step 3: Earn Rewards

Click "Get Rewards," and additional information on how to earn rewards will appear. You can visit the GoPlus to obtain TCC, and you can also head to Galxe to redeem your badge.

GoPlus Website:


Mandatory Task:

You need to follow @Knn3Network @GoPlusEco Twitter

Join TG Group

Finish Task & Win Reward TCC + #OAT + Credential🏅️

Galxe Credentials: 

Gain access to exclusive content and resources through Galxe, our premium knowledge platform.

Remember, the Security Challenge quest is not just about rewards; it's about empowering yourself with knowledge and enhancing your understanding of blockchain security. So, go ahead, ask your question, embed "/AddressRisk," and start exploring the fascinating world of blockchain security with Typo's GoPlus feature.

Ready to take the challenge? Ask your question now and get started on your journey to becoming a blockchain security expert!

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