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KNexus x TypoGraphy AI - MBTI Avatar Marvel: Unlock Your Avatar and Win Big

KNexus, TypoGraphy AI, Earn TCC

Create Your very first AIGC MBTI Avatar by KNexus & TypoGraphy AI

👇 Seamless One-Click Access

🎉 Hey there, fabulous community! TypoGraphy AI and KNexus have teamed up to bring you the quirkiest, most fun-filled adventure you've ever experienced! Introducing the "MBTI Avatar Marvel" Quest! 🎭

Ever wondered what your MBTI personality translates to visually? 🤔

  • Are you the "E" for Extrovert, the life of the digital party? 🎤

  • Or perhaps you're the "I" for Introvert, relishing quiet moments in your cozy online corner? 🤐

Jump straight into KNexus and poof! Your unique AIGC avatar, perfectly reflecting your personality, will appear!

Your MBTI type unlocks a world of avatar possibilities right on KNexus. Join the MBTI Avatar Challenge for a chance to score 30 TCC rewards and 100 Prompt Points on KNexus!

What is KNexus, you wonder?

KNexus is the first AIGC prompt marketplace on Web3. You can discover, learn, create, buy and sell your prompts on KNexus.

What is Prompt Point on KNexus?

Prompt Point is a unique point system within the KNexus platform, designed to ignite creativity. It can be used for AI-generated art creation and payment.

What is TCC?

TCC is the credits used in TypoGraphy AI, your Web3 ChatGPT powered by KNN3.

How can I Join?

Step 1: Let’s Sign In

🔗 Visit KNexus website at

Click "Early-Bird Access" on the homepage and provide your email address to get registered, verify through email, and check for the "KNexus Verification" email. Click the verification button to return to the KNexus homepage.

💡 Early-bird users will be pleasantly surprised with extra Prompt Points; simply log in and check your notifications to claim your reward.

Step 2: Create Your MBTI Avatar

😎 Ready to bring your MBTI personality to life as an Avatar? 🫶👇 Use the link below for quick access to the "Create Page.”

Now you are only one click away to create your own MBTI Avatar! Don’t hesitate and hit “Create NOW

👀 Voila! Your unique MBTI AI avatar is ready for action. Just click on 'Next,' give it a cute name, and jot down a brief description. And if you're in a hurry, feel free to use 'Help Me Out' for a quick introduction.

🤩 When you're ready, hit 'Confirm' to unleash the magic. Your MBTI AI avatar is now available on the Prompt Marketplace, where other users can like and comment on it!

Step 3: Share Your MBTI Avatar on Twitter

Once you've generated your awesome MBTI-inspired Avatar, share it on Twitter with two clicks to win delightful Prompt Points! ✨

📣 Step into our Telegram for lively discussions!

Ready for deeper dialogues? Join KNexus Telegram channel and immerse yourself in engaging conversations! Don't miss out on the chance to be part of the discourse and expand your knowledge with us! 💬🔥

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