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🎉Ring in 2024 with AI: New Year's Creation Fest!

TypoGraphy AI, KNexus

Celebrate New Year and Get Exclusive Rewards!

🗓️ Event Dates: Dec 29 - Jan 5

🏆 Special Rewards

🥇 Top 1-3 Likes: Earn 30u + 500 TCC + 500 PP per artist

🥈 Top 4-10 Likes: Receive 10u + 300 TCC + 300 PP per artist

🎁 Participation Prize: All artists get 100 TCC + 100 PP

Note: Prizes are exclusive and cannot be combined

🌟 How to Join the Celebration

Step 1: Prompt Creation

Go to "Magic Wand" section and generate a festive Christmas prompt from TypoGraphy AI.

Press the 'Prompt' button to obtain an appropriate image prompt. Additionally, you can click on 'suggestion' below to refine your Christmas-themed prompt idea.

By clicking on 'Generate Image', you will be automatically redirected to the KNexus website, where your crafted prompt will be automatically pasted.

Step 2: Artwork Magic

Leverage the TypoGraphy AI prompts to design your distinctive New Year artwork on KNexus. Just click the 'Create NOW' button.

"You have the option to modify the size and style of the image as well.

Fantastic! Now that your image is generated, click 'Public' to share it with the entire community!

Step 3: Share & Win 

Post your masterpiece on Twitter/X. Rally your friends to like it on KNexus and bag those rewards!

Check out Marketplace to view your artwork. The higher the number of likes you receive, the greater the reward you'll earn!

🔍 Key Details to Get Started

  1. Every participant will receive the participation prize (100 TCC + 100 PP)..

  2. We're awarding special prizes to the top 10 most-liked users on KNexus.

  3. Each successful invite adds 10 likes to your total like count.

  4. Remember, only likes on KNexus count towards your rewards, not Twitter likes.

Note: Only likes on KNexus contribute to your rewards, not Twitter likes.

Gear up to express your creativity and ring in the New Year with a bang!

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