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📣Your Tailored TOKEN2049 Journey Awaits: Powered by TypoGraphy AI! 📣

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Embark on Your Personalized TOKEN2049 Adventure with PermaDAO, Buidler DAO, Moledao, UpchainDAO and veDAO.

✈️Are you prepared to experience the grandeur of TOKEN2049 in the vibrant place of Singapore? With over 300+ events taking place, we understand that choosing your journey and customizing your schedule can be overwhelming, that's exactly why we are here to elevate your experience.

🫶We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with the powerhouse communities - PermaDAO, Buidler DAO, MoleDAO, UpchainDAO, and veDAO. By participating in the #TOKEN2049 chat box and unleash your queries about TOKEN2049 and our vibrant communities in conversations, we will craft a personalized, and unforgettable TOKEN2049 route exclusively for you.

🌟And there's more! Engage actively in the conversations and stand a chance to win a whopping 2049 TCC.

✨ Join us now, and make history at TOKEN2049! Your extraordinary adventure is calling! ✨

⏰ Duration :7th September - 17th September

🔗Typo NOW: 👉 How to join?

🔍 Step 1

Engage in the conversation of TypoGraphy AI's #Token2049 chat box, discussing anything related to Token2049 and communities like PermaDAO, Buidler DAO, Moledao. Interact and chat freely to customize your journey. Submit your valuable conversation with us for a chance to win an exciting reward of 49 TCC.

🔍 Step 2

Submit your favorite conversation related to Token2049 and communities like  PermaDAO, Buidler DAO, Moledao in the#Token2049 chat box and share it on your Twitter. Seize the opportunity to win a generous bonus of 5 X 2049 TCC

🎉 Showcase for creative inspiration powered by TypoGraphy AI.

I would like to meet with Moledao.

I would like to know more about PermaDAO.

Guide me on how to meet with BuidlerDAO.

I'm interested in AI and Web3 development.

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*Privacy Notice: Please note that all messages you submit are solely intended for the campaign and will not be used for any other purpose. Once you submit them, the conversation may be made public per the campaign requirements.

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