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🚀Get 50 TCC Rewards: Join TG or Subscribe to Substack Now!

ChatGPT, Web3, TypoGraphy AI, Regular Quest, Earn TCC

🌟 Introducing the Regular Quest Activity for all TypoHunters! 🌟

📣We are excited to introduce our new quest activity for all TypoHunters! 

As part of our ongoing efforts to build a strong community and reward our loyal users, we are offering a special reward of 50 TCC for users who join our Telegram group or subscribe to our Substack newsletter.

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to earn TCC and be part of our vibrant community!

👇 Please ensure to follow the steps accurately to receive the appropriate TCC.

1.Sign in with your wallet address

2.Verify Email to get 50 TCC

3. Join Telegram and verify to get 50 TCC


👉Once you're in the group, please send this command to our Telegram bot.

4.Subscribe to Substack to get 50 TCC

👉Once you are signed in, click on the "Subscribe" button and you will receive 50 TCC as a reward.

📝Terms and Conditions:

- This quest activity is open to all TypoHunters.

- Each user can participate only once.

- The rewards will be credited to the user's TypoGraphy AI account.

🚀Let's BuidL TypoGraphy AI Together!

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