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Search with TypoGraphy AI - Quote to Dive Deeper

TypoGraphy AI, Search, Quote, Share, Earn TCC

Search with TypoGraphy AI and Quote to Ask Follow-Up Questions

Step into the future of Web3 exploration with TypoGraphy AI's innovative features! Begin your journey by effortlessly finding answers to your Web3 questions with our advanced Search function. Then, elevate your experience by diving deeper into engaging conversations with our AI using the Quote function. This is your chance to interact, learn, and discover like never before.

We're excited to invite you to experience this unique blend of search and interactive dialogue. Join us in this groundbreaking adventure and get TCC rewarded for your curiosity and engagement with TypoGraphy AI. Are you ready to unlock new dimensions in Web3?

Duration: Dec 8  - Dec 22

Let's Typo Now!

How to Join:

Step 1: Search

Pose any Web3-related questions using the search box.

Step 2: Quote

Receive detailed responses from TypoGraphy AI, covering a vast range of sources. Further your exploration by employing the “Quote” feature for follow-up inquiries, tapping into Typo's dynamic conversation abilities for deeper insights.

Step 3: Share

Use the “Share” button to broadcast your conversation on Twitter, extending your discoveries to the wider community.

Step 4 (Optional): Bonus Feedback

Provide your feedback through the “Feedback” button located in the bottom right corner to share your user experience.

Rewards Awaits:

  • Share your conversation on Twitter to earn 100 TCC.

  • Leave feedback and receive an additional 50 TCC.

What is TCC?

TCC (Typo Chat Credit) is an internal credit system within TypoGraphy AI. It allows you to access premium features and have enhanced conversations with our Web3 chatbot. TCC lets you unlock the extensive Web3 knowledge base we offer. You can also use TCC to get access to new premium features as they become available on TypoGraphy AI.

Start your AI-driven journey today! Dive into the vast ocean of Web3 knowledge, ask your questions, use the quote function, and explore the endless possibilities of AI-powered conversation. Your next discovery is just a Typo away.

* Reminder for Sharing: Please avoid sharing sensitive information, like wallet addresses, as anyone with the link can view and redistribute the shared conversation.

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