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Typo Hunter Quest: Review to Earn 200 TCC

ChatGPT, Web3, TypoHunter, Quest, Pre-launch, TypoGraphy

Rate us on ProductHunt - Your First Web3 ChatGPT platform, revolutionizing conversational experiences in the Web3 world, to earn 200 TCC!

TypoGraphy AI Web3 ChatGPT Chat2Rarn

The event has been closed at 10:00 UTC on August 8. You can now check the reward. To claim the quest bounty, follow the steps:

1 - Visit the TypoGraphy AI ProductHunt site;

2 - Show your support by Clicking Upvote Button;

TypoGraphy AI Web3 ChatGPT Chat2Rarn

3 - Scroll down to comment section, and leave friendly and related comments for TypoGraphy AI (do not write unrelated words,remember, unrelated comments will be treated as spam).);

TypoGraphy AI Web3 ChatGPT Chat2Rarn

4 - Almost there! Just one more step to notify us about your rating

/bind_ph 0xaddress @ph_account
// replace 0xaddress with your own ETH address.
// Replace @ph_account with the ProductHunt account that you commented, start with @.
  • Now our trusty bot agent will check your status, and add your 200 TCC into your account.

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