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🎉Join TypoGraphy AI's Referral Drive: More Referrals, More Rewards

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Introduce the future of conversational AI to your friends with TypoGraphy AI - the premier Web3 ChatGPT platform! 🤖️💬

📣Hey TypoHunters! We're excited to introduce our brand-new Referral Program. We believe in the power of community, and we want you to be a part of this exciting journey.

How to join?

  • Every TypoHunter gets a unique referral link to invite new users, please share this link with your friends, family, or anyone you think might be interested in TypoGraphy AI.

  • For every new user who completes email verification through the link, both the referrer and the new user will receive a reward of 20 TCC.

  • The existing users can get 20 TCC for each referral (the limit of 200 TCC has been removed now).

Whether you're a long-time registered user or a new user, jump in and spread the referral link.

👇Please ensure to follow the steps accurately to ensure both you and the referred user receive the appropriate TCC.

I. For referrers (Registered users)

1.Invite friends

2.Copy your referral link

3.Check referral rewards

II. For new users

1.Sign in with referral links

2.Verify Email to get rewards

3. Check the rewards

🔥Join the telegram group for more benefits:

👉Subscribe to our Substack now for more typo insights and updates!

🚀 Let's BuidL TypoGraphy AI Together!

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