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With Command, accessing vital information and executing actions on our platform has never been easier. We've designed this feature to streamline your experience, providing a more efficient and user-friendly way to interact with our website. Let's dive into the details of what Command can do for you.


Simply type "/Profile" to instantly query your web3 profile. No more navigating through menus or clicking multiple links, ensuring you have all the information you need at your fingertips.


Type "/ENS" to query them effortlessly. With this command, you can access essential information about ENS domains without the hassle of navigating through various sections of the website.

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Stay up to date with POAP events by typing "/POAP." This command allows you to effortlessly query POAP events, ensuring you never miss an important update or opportunity.


This command simplifies the process of accessing snapshot activities, making it convenient to review past actions on our platform.

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"/Uniswap." This command enables you to initiate Uniswap swaps directly from our platform.

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