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Introducing the New TypoX Elite NFT Pass

We are thrilled to share with you our latest update from TypoX AI – the TypoX Elite NFT Pass

Since the launch of TypoX AI (Former TypoGraphy AI), we have received overwhelming support and positive feedback from our community. To date, TypoX AI proudly serves a growing community of 270,000 users, with our platform's engagement reaching unprecedented levels. We've established new milestones being utilized in over 60 countries, particularly in the APEC and MENA regions, successfully addressing over 50,000 user queries.

We have consistently embodied the innovative spirit of web3 and AI, evolving into an invaluable resource for beginners and users looking to explore, learn, and interact within web3. The introduction of the TypoX Elite NFT Pass marks our commitment to further incentivizing our community and optimizing our operations.

This will involve strategic adjustments to our platform ensuring enhanced user experiences and continued growth:

Elite NFT Pass Benefits:

  • Unlimited TypoX AI Usage, including various features like search, and preview.

  • Earn More TCC Daily: Maximize your earnings with up to 120 TCC daily through TypoX AI interactions, compared to the standard 60 TCC for regular users.

What is TypoX Elite NFT Pass

The TypoX Elite NFT Pass offers a new twist on traditional subscription models, providing options for 30-day and 90-day passes, but with enhanced flexibility unique to the digital asset space. These passes, governed by the ERC721 protocol, are transferable when unused, allowing them to be traded or gifted. It's important to note, however, that a transfer is no longer possible once an NFT Pass is bonded to a user's account. Please remember, simply holding a TypoX Elite NFT Pass does not activate its benefits; it must be bonded with your account to unlock its full potential and advantages

How to Acquire Your Elite NFT Pass

Type “/GetPass” command  via the TypoX AI Explore section.

  • Monthly Pass (30 Days): Exchange 500 TypoX Credit Coins (TCC).

  • Quarterly Pass (90 Days): Exchange 1250 TCC.

Invitation for Partnerships of Co-Branded TypoX Elite Pass

We enthusiastically encourage potential partners to join us in creating exciting co-branded versions of our TypoX Elite Pass. Our collaboration with moledao serves as a prime example of the successful partnerships we seek to foster. These co-branded initiatives not only symbolize our commitment to technological innovation but also reflect our dedication to nurturing a dynamic and engaged user community. We're eager to work with like-minded project teams to expand the reach and impact of the TypoX Elite Pass, enhancing the experiences of our users.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your TypoX AI experience. Get your Elite NFT Pass today and join us in this exciting journey!

Let’s Typo Now: Get it now!

What is TCC?

TCC (TypoX Chat Credit) is a loyalty credit system for TypoX AI. The continuous iteration and advancement of the TypoX AI Web3 Search product are deeply reliant on the early support and contributions of our community members. To acknowledge and reward these users' actions, we grant TCC credits.

Earning TCC

Upon registration and logging in, you will be awarded 50 TypoX Chat Credits (TCC). These credits represent your activity level and contributions to TypoX AI. Users can earn additional TCC rewards by actively engaging with TypoX AI and participating in various campaigns.

Additionally, to earn extra TCC and demonstrate your support for TypoX AI, you have the option to top up your account. For every 1 USDT you top up, you can exchange it for 50 TCC.

Using TCC

TCC, as a representation of community contributions, can be exchanged for TypoX AI's TypoX Elite NFT Pass. This NFT Pass allows users unlimited access to the TypoX AI platform for a specified period (30 days or 90 days pass) and also provides a bonus in TCC rewards. Note: The TypoX Elite NFT Pass operates on the ERC-721 protocol. It can be transferred or gifted to friends before activation, but cannot be transferred once it has been used.

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